Soil erosion is a major environmental factor that worries many developers and city planners. Mattison Contractors is committed to applying the necessary methods to reverse and combat land degeneration. By combining traditional processes with cutting-edge procedures, we offer erosion solutions like silt fencing, erosion matting, riprap shorelines, retaining walls, and turbidity barriers to maintain the beauty and majesty of the land.

Silt Fence

Low-cost silt fence is the perfect choice for erosion prevention on the job site. Utilize the most common, long-standing method of sediment control on your construction site with silt fencing. Contractors everywhere count on geosynthetic fabric silt fencing to provide superior defense against water flow and sediment pollution.

Erosion Mat

Choose erosion mat when working in areas with gradients, especially along roadways. Another commonly used form of erosion control, turf-reinforcement mats (TRMs), are synthetic, non-degradable mats that are typically buried under the topsoil to provide stability to soils. Mattison employees are highly familiar with erosion matting systems and are trained on seeding, installation, topsoiling, and erosion control blanketing to guarantee a professional installation every time.

Riprap Shorelines

For erosion control along shorelines, select riprap barriers. Consisting of coarse stones randomly and loosely placed along the shoreline, riprap offers a natural, effective solution to your shoreline erosion without detracting from property or aesthetic value.

Retaining Walls

Avoid weather erosion and damage with a retaining wall. We offer a variety of retaining wall materials and systems to combat downslope movement. Expertly designed and installed, we guarantee our retaining walls to maintain effective erosion control and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

Be protected against overturning, sliding, excessive foundation pressure, and water uplift. Choose from gravity, sheet piling, cantilevered, or anchored retaining walls to preserve your building or property.

Turbidity Barriers

Naturally you want to protect the land and waterways around your work site. With turbidity barriers from Mattison Contractors you can do just that. Designed to prevent silt, sediments, and debris from running into bodies of water, turbidity barriers are constructed after careful analysis of water flow velocity, size of sediments, water depth, and deflection angle relative to the current. Count on Mattison to properly install your turbidity barrier to achieve a cost-effective alternative to site erosion control.



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